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    I’m listening to this, and so should you!

    Photo taken from Vito Fun’s Flickr.

    There’s an old saying that nothing ever beats an original, but then you have powerful arguments like: The God Father II, Rocky II, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Empire Strikes Back (yeah not technically a sequel sequel), and well you have to shut up because they’re GREAT sequels.

    If the same kind of face shutting arguments is to be made for music, then all you have to do is set headphones/speakers onto “Hey! (The Sequel)” by Junk Science with The Boys and Girls Club.

    The song is AMAZING.

    If you can imagine a song being a bad ass Karate master, “Hey!” would sweep more than the Karate Kid 2’s leg. It would give it the choice of life or death, honk Daniel Son’s nose and send Peter Cetera crying all the way home in a glory of love.

    Life or Awesome Song?

    Yeah, I went there cause it’s that awesome.

    If you play the “Hey!” (or any of Junk Science and The Boys and Girls Club albums)over and over and over and over again, it’ll be your best weekend times their sequels to infinity.

    This weekend is already kicking off so you better get on it.

    And you can get it HERE.

    Junk Science with The Boys and Girls Club.

    The Boys and Girls Club formed in the summer of 2002 as a collaborative effort between Scott (Scott Thorough, Nuclear Family) and Mike (Short Stories). They like rap, books and unspoken truths. Watch out.

    Friend/Love them on the MySpace

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    [Links and goodies Via FunFoxMusicBox]



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