What brings people of all nations together?

Is it music? Love? The quest for self knowledge? A shared distaste for ryan seacrest? Popularity?

No, at least not without a certain social networking site to put it all together–one that lets us make “friends.”

I could write a poorly thought out blog, but why?

Here’s a newsflash & foto that transcends all languages. News that will rock the very fiber of all that is HIGH TECH and amazing.

I hope you’re holding onto your socks and sombreros…it’s big!

(I think we’ll be better for it too.)

check it out:

MySpace abre oficinas en México
La famosa web enfocada a las redes sociales abre oficinas en México, concretamente en Huachinango Puebla.

Yeah you’re not dreaming and you’re definately NOT billingual. You read and saw it all correctomundo–MySpace has gone super HIGH TECH & above all SUPER CHIDO with it’s new headquarters in Mexico.

Como Mexico no hay dos!!

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Gracias to the bf and lawaloca.com for the heads up.