Dinah Washington That song couldn’t be truer if it were, a uh….uh, hmm, so many things rarely ring true that it’s hard to come up with an example.

At any rate, “What a Difference a Day Makes…”

Yesterday was Woody Allen’s birthday ( a day of celebration and cerebellum action). People of all ages, creeds and nations joined together clad in Ralph Lauren or Proustian rush, pondered over things like Life, the absurdity and necessity of love, Death, and why spending an evening with an alluminum siding salesmen is cruel and unfair.

It was a jazzy day.

woody allen at work

However it was short. The sun brought us a new day and that day is today.

Today people, is the birthday of Victoria’s Secret enemy numero uno–Britney Spears.

Britney, is celebrating her 25th year on this our earth, what can we do?

brit on 25

Treat our livers nicely and make sure the kids are tucked in safe at home.

Atleast, Jesus was a capricorn.

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